Cannabis Crowdfunding Is Here

Cannabis CrowdfundingMost cannabis businesses are small businesses. Many of them need money. Some of them have access to capital. And all of them are subject to fundraising laws.

We build out canna (and non-canna) deals regularly in Oregon, Washington, California and elsewhere. Though some of our clients are publicly…

Concentrates and Edibles Are Finally Going On Sale for Recreational Use in Oregon


After finally making a decision when it comes to the potency of marijuana edibles , Oregon will finally be allowing adults 21 and older to purchase edibles and concentrates this summer. Since the early start program began in October of 2015, adults 21+ have been able to purchase up to a q

Rhode Island marijuana legalization efforts to get a look-see at forum

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Rhode Island marijuana legalization is slated to get some attention when Attorney General Peter Kilmartin hosts a forum on marijuana regulation and policy that will focus on learning from states that h…

D.C. Superior Court Clears Hurdle for Legal Marijuana Sales

dc-superior-court-clears-hurdle-for-legal-marijuana-salesCredit: © Sharon Letts/ Stock Pot Images

The District of Columbia could be well on its way to joining the ranks of Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska in the multi- billion dollar a year industry of legal cannabis sales beginning this fall.

Last week, the D.C. Superior Court made a d

Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About Washington State Marijuana Laws

" alt="Washington State Cannabis laws" width="400" height="400" /> Highly regulated industries often experience changes to their rules governing how they do business and the marijuana in…

Rhode Island governor open to letting voters decide on legalizing weed

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Gov. Gina Raimondo says she’s open to the possibility of letting Rhode Island voters decide if they want to legalize recreational marijuana.

The Democrat told reporters Tuesday she’s also willing to consider a marijuana legalization bi…

Cannabis Industry Labor Laws

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Marijuana industry workers face a unique legal landscape due to the interplay of federal and state law. Several states allow for medical use of marijuana and Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Washington D.C. have legalized cannabis fo…

California: Big Marijuana, Public Health, and the AUMA. Oh My.

A recently released report analyzed the public health implications of two of California’s proposed initiatives to legalize recreational cannabis in 2016, focusing on the “Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act” (more commonly known as the “AUMA” initiative) and criticizing the initiati…

The State of Cannabis: South Dakota Trails the Nation with Harsh Cannabis Laws

South Dakota: Great for corn palaces, but terrible for cannabis

The upcoming year is going to be big for cannabis. Four states (Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, along with Washington D.C.) have legalized recreational cannabis and that number will likely double, maybe even triple in 2016…