How Will Legalization Happen in Ohio and Will it Happen in 2016?


Things are heating up in Ohio when it comes to determining the fate of medical marijuana within the state. It is clear at this point that the majority of Ohioans are ready to see medical marijuana (in one form or another) legalized and even the lawmakers are taking note as they try to get

Cannabis Can Cause Psychotic Disorders and Other Debunked Arguments


With increased cannabis legalization and widespread acceptance, those who favor its continued illegality will fight to grasp onto any last ditch scare tactics. That’s how you know the argument is being won.

One of these scare tactic arguments recently reared its ugly head again – with m

Amendment 2 Opposition Releases Video Full of Misconceptions


We’ve been waiting for it ever since John Morgan made his point loud and clear, and the Drug Free Florida Committee has made their first move in the form of a YouTube video. They released the video this past Monday and the half-truths and outright lies and omissions have begun.

The na

An Inside Look at the University of Washington’s Cannabis Report

" alt="Washington State cannabis" width="400" height="259" /> The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) recently released a report on the canopy space required to provide cannabis to the state’s medical patients. The University of Washington School of Law’s Cannabis Law and Policy Projec…

How Public Opinion Towards Medical Cannabis Has Shifted

how-public-opinion-of-medical-cannabis-has-shifted© Michael Duvall / Stock Pot Images

Ever since as early as the 1960’s and 70’s, attitudes towards recreational cannabis have been shifting. Up until recently, however, the common societal consensus seemed to be that most medical cannabis patients were just looking for an excuse to get high. Alm

Germany to Legalize Medical Marijuana in the Next Year


As we see more and more parts of the world loosening the laws surrounding marijuana, especially when it comes to using marijuana for medicinal purposes, it is good to see steps in  the right direction. This time, it is Germany’s turn to take credit for considering legalizing medical marij

Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About Washington State Marijuana Laws

" alt="Washington State Cannabis laws" width="400" height="400" /> Highly regulated industries often experience changes to their rules governing how they do business and the marijuana in…

Ohio Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative for 2016 Re-Submits Signatures


I’m sure most of us still remember the failed attempt for Ohio to create a marijuana program last year. There were quite a few downfalls in that campaign, from the monopolization that would have happened in the industry to the fact that they jumped the gun trying to legalize both medicina

America is the Next Stop for Cannabis Epilepsy Medication, says British Biopharmaceutical Company


In a win for patients suffering from the severe seizures associated with Dravet syndrome , GW Pharmaceuticals announced the success of the first cannabis-based medication to pass enough clinical trials at a significantly remarkable rate on Monday.

The news spread

Montana medical marijuana advocates file petition, get restrictions delayed

HELENA, Mont. — Medical marijuana advocates are asking the Montana Supreme Court to delay implementing a ruling last month that will limit providers to selling the drug to no more than three patients and force the clos…