Lawyer Gets Paid In Weed, Keeps His Law License

April 2nd at 1:16pm


Getting involved in an illegal drug trade is usually not within the job description of a lawyer unless it’s defending an illegal drug trafficker. So how did Louisiana attorney, James Mecca find himself participating in an illegal drug trade? Well, sometimes lawyers have clients who can’t exac

Is Vermont On The Way To Being A Fully Legalized State?

April 2nd at 12:09pm


As support pours in for marijuana legalization in Vermont, the public are feeling more and more free to express their own marijuana affirmative stance. Perhaps a fear of ramification for admitting to being on marijuana’s side has stopped lawmakers from voicing their opinions, but the time has

Good Boy! You’ll Wish Your Dog Was This Well Trained

April 2nd at 11:16am


A family dog brought it’s owner home a pound of pot in a baggy. It looks like this doggy needs a job with the local K-9 unit don’t you think?

A cold case

good boy 1 Good Boy! Youll Wish Your Dog Was This Well TrainedPhoto credit

It all happened in Mississippi. The Jones County police investigated the unusual incident and came up cold. The owner thought…

Pueblo raid: Florida men arrested; $7.5M in marijuana plants seized

In a recent Pueblo raid, two Florida men suspected of an illegal marijuana grow in a Pueblo West rental home have been arrested.

Adriel Trujillo Daniel, 28, and Leosbel Ledesma Quinta…

Will Marijuana Activists Become Global Drug Reformers At UN Drugs Summit?


For the first time since 1998, the U.N. will hold a United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on the World Drug Problem. April 19-21, world leaders will come together to discuss ongoing issues facing the global war on drugs. Dangerous drug cartels, opiate addictions, the ever-c

Can You Tell Which Of These Ten-Year-Olds Is On Weed?

April 1st at 9:51am


Jonathan Smith of Vice decided to put stoned kids to the test. Does medical marijuana really cause kids to act and think differently? To find out, Smith gave a pop quiz to two ten-year-old girls. We’ve included some excerpts below. Can you tell which kid is on weed?

Do some kids really use

Police vet resigns amid investigation into his off-duty work in pot business

A veteran Denver police officer has resigned amid an internal investigation into allegations that he provided security services to a marijuana business.

Officer Lewis Padilla, who jo…

If You Suffer Paranoia When You’re Smoking, You Need To See This

March 31st at 5:14pm


There’s no denying that social paranoia while using marijuana is a real thing because it happens to a lot of people. But why does cannabis bring on paranoia exactly? According to the guy in this video, there are hundreds of thousands of people flocking to the emergency room for cannabis relat

The Annual Hash Bash Is Back!

2013 hash bash ann arbor michiganThis year’s Hash Bash features veterans, pediatric medical marijuana patients, grandparents who use cannabis- and the always-entertaining Tommy Chong.

As per usual, the Hash Bash begins at high noon on the first Saturday in April; this year, that’s the 2nd. The annual event takes place on the Diag…

What That Supreme Court Decision Means For The Future Of Legal Weed


The recent decision of the Supreme Court to throw out the lawsuit against Colorado  is a nice fist-pump for pro-cannabis activists. It gives us a sense of vindication, and for once, it feels like the federal government has our backs. What ramifications, though, does this have on the battlefie