3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Growing Marijuana


Alright so you’ve decided to take the leap and grow your own marijuana. You have your strain(s) picked out, growing medium/system ready to roll, ventilation and odor control dialed in and your lights are just begging to have their switches flipped. (You don’t? No worries I’ll help you sor

Can You Master These 3 Awesome Smoke & Vape Tricks By 4/20?


The vaping YouTuber PDX1K breaks down how to master the 3 most popular vape tricks. With a little time investment and practice, you could be impressing your buddies with some new found skills in no time.

Jaw and mouth control

vape tricks sweater Can You Master These 3 Awesome Smoke & Vape Tricks By 4/20?Photo credit

A lot of the tricks in the video will require a good…

Attend The 2016 Students For Sensible Drug Policy Conference

students for sensible drug policy ssdpOne of the best times I’ve ever had was at the 2012 Students for Sensible Drug Policy Conference, which was held in Denver. Another conference is coming up. I suggest you attend if you are able. Below are more details, via the event’s Facebook page:

The next SSDP conference will take place April 1…

How This Groundbreaking Idea Would See Legal Marijuana Taxes Fund Housing For Homeless

April 3rd at 8:28am


In Los Angeles, the homeless population has risen 12% in the past 2 years alone. In an effort to help the people and curb this crisis, the city has approved a $1.78 billion dollar plan to build more housing and provide more support services for residents over the next decade. While the intent

Check Out These Dope Smoke Tricks

April 3rd at 7:50am


We have now entered the month of April and there’s a very important holiday coming up. That’s right, 4/20 is just around the corner. Why not start the celebration early by watching some dopest smoke tricks on Vine. Who knows, maybe you’ll even learn some tricks to show off to your friends. Be

Spring Kickoff For Medical Cannabis In Arkansas

Arkansas medical marijuanaIf you are in the area, please consider coming out and helping the Arkansas campaign. See the message I received below:

Although we have surpassed the required threshold of 68,000 signatures, we still need another 30 to 40,000 to make up for invalid ones.  With the deadline approaching fast, it is…

Anti-Smoking Bill Would Kill Alaska Cannabis Cafés

alaska marijuana legalizationI received the following message out of Alaska:

A bill designed to protect Alaskans from the harmful effects of tobacco smoke is being hijacked as a way to shut down cannabis cafés before they are given a chance. If SB 1 passes in its current form, adult consumers would once again be limited to co…

Cannabis Industry Seeks Change Of Image – And Break With the Past


The past several years have seen measurable and sustained advancements in the fight to liberalize America’s cannabis laws. The steady legalization of medical cannabis, for example, has taken place in both liberal and conservative states throughout the country at an encouraging pace. The progr

Recipe: Oven-Roasted Pork Ribs, Braised Red Cabbage and a THC-infused BBQ Sauce


With warmer weather just around the corner, why not enjoy some delicious BBQ fare?  This BBQ sauce was inspired by the most reliable of cookbooks: The Joy of Cooking . You can make the cabbage a day ahead; it will only get tastier after a night in the fridge. For a very special occas

See How Vermont Feels About Marijuana Legalization


The wait for Vermont to make a decision on whether or not to legalize marijuana for adult use is definitely taking the internet by storm – and why not? – considering they will be the first to do so through the legislative process rather than through voter initiative. The bill has already