Why Is It Called Pot?

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Just like with any other drug, there are many slang terms for cannabis. Some of them are accurately rooted in the plant’s etymology and some are not.  If you’ve ever wondered about cannabis etymology and some of its various slang terms, you’ve come to the right

Why Cannabis Is The Best Seasoning In Your Kitchen

May 9th at 8:24am


Ever since Colorado legalized cannabis over two years ago, people have flocked to the state, eager to learn the art of cooking with cannabis. Colorado has handed out over 350 edible marijuana licenses for both medical and recreational use. Top chefs are going above and beyond your typical pot

Reminder: Cannabis Industry Social With Tobias Read On Monday

tobias reed oregon treasurer marijuanaTo say that Oregon needs a cannabis friendly Oregon State treasurer is an understatement. Below is an event featuring candidate Tobias Reed, via Facebook. I believe his record speaks for itself:

Please join us for a social hour with Tobias Read!

Tobias has been a major asset in the Oregon House fo…

Keith Stroup Founder Of NORML To Keynote At Cannabis World Congress In New York

Keith Stroup“Why We’re Finally Winning After All These Years,” will be the powerful address given by Keith Stroup, Founder of NORML at the Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition (CWCBExpo), June 15-17, at the Javits Center in New York.  Mr. Stroup joins Leonard Marshall, Super Bowl Champion and concuss…

Massachusetts ballot lawsuit makes odd claim about 'nature's pot'

BOSTON — Supporters of a November ballot question to legalize recreational marijuana have misled voters about its ramifications and the measure should be blocked, opponents say in a lawsuit filed wi…

Germany to Legalize Medical Marijuana in the Next Year


As we see more and more parts of the world loosening the laws surrounding marijuana, especially when it comes to using marijuana for medicinal purposes, it is good to see steps in  the right direction. This time, it is Germany’s turn to take credit for considering legalizing medical marij

Cannabis and Tobacco Vaping: New Regulations on E-Cigarettes and Vapor Products

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Vaping has gone mainstream and many are taking note. In 2014, the Oxford Dictionary named “vape” its word of the year. On April 20, VICE News reported on the “vape culture” that has developed over the last few years. Vaping has become a popular…

Op-ed: Is science missing from the current marijuana drug laws?

WASHINGTON — Congress and President Obama are under pressure to reschedule marijuana. While rescheduling makes sense, it doesn’t solve the state/federal conflict over marijua…

Rhode Island marijuana legalization efforts to get a look-see at forum

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Rhode Island marijuana legalization is slated to get some attention when Attorney General Peter Kilmartin hosts a forum on marijuana regulation and policy that will focus on learning from states that h…

Alaska marijuana club closes due to low membership

FAIRBANKS, Alaska — An Alaska marijuana club, located in downtown Fairbanks, is closing after just months due to low membership.

The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports that the owners of The Higher Calling Club announced…