Meet 5 Of America’s Top Cannabis Chefs

May 13th at 5:17pm


Cooking with cannabis is quickly becoming the new fine-dining experience many enthusiasts are searching for. Gone are the days of dry, tasteless brownies. Today’s cannabis connoisseur wants to experience their herb in decadent, five-star meals, prepared by top chefs who understand the delica

How Public Opinion Towards Medical Cannabis Has Shifted

how-public-opinion-of-medical-cannabis-has-shifted© Michael Duvall / Stock Pot Images

Ever since as early as the 1960’s and 70’s, attitudes towards recreational cannabis have been shifting. Up until recently, however, the common societal consensus seemed to be that most medical cannabis patients were just looking for an excuse to get high. Alm

President Obama Grants Clemency To Federal Pot Prisoners

May 13th at 6:00am


In 1973, New York passed strict sentencing guidelines known as the “Rockefeller drug laws.” These laws were so severe that even low-level criminals were sentenced to prison for decades. Partly due to these laws, the national prison population went from 330,000 to 2.3 million and by 2010, ther

Louisiana House Passes Low-THC Medical Marijuana Bill

Louisiana MarijuanaThe Louisiana House passed a bill yesterday that would legalize low-THC medical marijuana and create a system by which patients could access the medicine. The bill is a very limited version of medical marijuana, but unlike most other states that have passed low-THC medical marijuana bills, Louisia…

Watch: When You’re Caught With A Joint

May 12th at 10:22am


The lengths some people will go to avoid getting busted by their parents is always hilarious, but in this video from Buzzfeed Yellow, the awkwardness gets taken to a whole new level. Make sure to put on a soft glove, as the indent from smacking your forehead could leave a mark.

The awkward e

Watch: Smoking Weed With Mom For The First Time

May 12th at 8:32am


This mother/son duo sat down with Buzzfeed to share in their first bong together. While both have been cannabis users for some time, the two had never bonded with each other over a smoke sessions, until now.


Scott and his mother Illie share their love for cannabis with each other…

Getting high in concert venues is still illegal in Colorado, but should it be?

With audience members and comedians consuming marijuana in nearly every way conceivable, the live recording of talk show “Getting Doug With High” on Monday night in Denver felt like…

This bishop thinks legal weed will turn people into zombies

PROVIDENCE — Rhode Island’s Roman Catholic bishop said he wants to smell holy incense, not cannabis, in Providence’s cathedral and warned state lawmakers against transporting young…

Man arrested in Pueblo suspected of illegal marijuana grow

Pueblo County authorities on Tuesday arrested a 26-year-old man after deputies say they discovered nearly 50 marijuana plants illegally growing in his basement and garage.

Kevin Pedrez i…

Concentrates and Edibles Are Finally Going On Sale for Recreational Use in Oregon


After finally making a decision when it comes to the potency of marijuana edibles , Oregon will finally be allowing adults 21 and older to purchase edibles and concentrates this summer. Since the early start program began in October of 2015, adults 21+ have been able to purchase up to a q