If You Suffer Paranoia When You’re Smoking, You Need To See This

March 31st at 5:14pm


There’s no denying that social paranoia while using marijuana is a real thing because it happens to a lot of people. But why does cannabis bring on paranoia exactly? According to the guy in this video, there are hundreds of thousands of people flocking to the emergency room for cannabis relat

The Annual Hash Bash Is Back!

2013 hash bash ann arbor michiganThis year’s Hash Bash features veterans, pediatric medical marijuana patients, grandparents who use cannabis- and the always-entertaining Tommy Chong.

As per usual, the Hash Bash begins at high noon on the first Saturday in April; this year, that’s the 2nd. The annual event takes place on the Diag…

What That Supreme Court Decision Means For The Future Of Legal Weed


The recent decision of the Supreme Court to throw out the lawsuit against Colorado  is a nice fist-pump for pro-cannabis activists. It gives us a sense of vindication, and for once, it feels like the federal government has our backs. What ramifications, though, does this have on the battlefie

Feds, sheriff probe intruder's killing at Huerfano home filled with illegal pot

Southern Colorado authorities say they are still working with federal agents to investigate this month’s fatal shooting of a man who was trying to break into a home that had an illegal, 400…

Former L.A. city councilman, medical cannabis advocate Bill Rosendahl dies

LOS ANGELES — Former Los Angeles City Councilman and medical marijuana patient-advocate Bill Rosendahl has died at age 70 after battling cancer for four years.

His successor, Councilman Mike Boni…

D.C. Superior Court Clears Hurdle for Legal Marijuana Sales

dc-superior-court-clears-hurdle-for-legal-marijuana-salesCredit: © Sharon Letts/ Stock Pot Images

The District of Columbia could be well on its way to joining the ranks of Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska in the multi- billion dollar a year industry of legal cannabis sales beginning this fall.

Last week, the D.C. Superior Court made a d

How To Make Perfect Cannabutter In 4 Easy Steps

March 30th at 12:15pm


Since the MagicalButter® Botanical Extractor™ burst onto the scene in 2012, the art of cooking with cannabis has never been the same. The machine automates the conversion of cannabis to edible form with microprocessor-controlled ease and precision. Consistently perfect cannabutter for maki

No Pipe? No Problem: Watch This Guy Use His Hand As A Pipe

March 30th at 10:54am


Does fortune really favor the brave? This video shows one very gutsy guy that use his hand as a pipe. Yes – that means using nothing other than his weed, his lighter and his hands to get the job done. Of course, if this is your only option and you’re stuck in the wild without a pipe, then so b…

When Quitting Goes Right: The Charlo Greene Story

Photo Courtesy of Charlo Green

Quitting is usually something that is looked down on by society, and for good reason. A “quitter never wins,” we are told. That’s because you have to persevere through tough times if you want to accomplish anything in life.

Of course, “there are two sides to eve

Latest Polls Determine Support for Marijuana Legalization Has Hit an All-time High


Just last October, a Gallup Poll revealed that 58% of Americans were in favor of legalizing marijuana on some level. The initial question asked – “Do you think the use of marijuana should be legal or not?” – was posed again recently by Associated Press. Not surprisingly, the support for mari