DEA Eases CBD Research Restrictions, a Bit

On December 23, the DEA released this statement:

The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) recently eased some of the regulatory requirements imposed by the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) for those who are conducting FDA-approved clinical trials on cannabidiol (CBD), an extract of th…

West Virginia Veterans For Medical Cannabis Rally Next Month

I saw the following event on Facebook. If you are in West Virginia, you should definitely come out and support the cause:

Sign the petition!

We are uniting at the West Virginia State Capitol Building…

Scientist Say Cannabis May Improve Driving Skills

December 30th at 5:53pm

Scientists are now busting the myth that cannabis adversely affects driving skills, and are in fact suggesting that the marijuana experience may even improve driving skills.

Although there is no doubt that excessive alcohol consumption affects driving skills, scientists cannot actually find any evi…

Recreational Marijuana Sales Tax Begins Next Week In Oregon

Limited recreational marijuana sales began in Oregon on October 1. Since that time, customers have not had to pay any tax on recreational marijuana. That changes next week when a recreational marijuana sales tax goes into effect in Oregon. Per Oregon Live: Recreational marijuana consumers in Oregon…

The Planet has spoken – Make it Legal!

December 30th at 11:45am

Most of us view marijuana not as a drug, but as a magical substance that applies itself to remedying many of life’s stresses and ailments. After all, in America public opinion suggests that marijuana is only known as a drug because the government labels it as such.

A new interactive map, compiled by…

A slow shift on working marijuana into alcohol-centered road safety

From a lack of stats to laws that haven't been updated to disagreements over how to measure whether a person is stoned, it's difficult to assess the impact of marijuana legalization.

Mexico Set To Debate Marijuana Legalization On January 25th

Mexico is set to hold a series of debates about marijuana legalization. The first debate is scheduled for January 25, with the last one wrapping up on February 17. I first heard about the announcement via Tom Angell, who wrote about the debate schedule recently on Marijuana.Com: A leading Mexican la…

Portland NORML Leadership Looks Forward To 2016 Priorities

By Jennifer Alexander Happy New Year from Portland NORML!  As we close 2015, we are looking forward to what 2016 means to our growing new organization and the evolving politics of marijuana in Oregon and beyond.  We want to thank you and encourage you to help us grow to accomplish the important work…

Top 10 Crazy Cool Cannabis Gadgets

December 29th at 11:44am

The thriving cannabis industry is not just bringing us new strains of marijuana, edibles, or concentrates- it is also exposing us to some crazy innovations in the gadget market.

Cannabis users are a creative breed and we demand gadgets that make using cannabis more efficient and enjoyable. Check out…

The subtle mainstreaming of cannabis in Colorado is happening everywhere

Weed goes wide: It's in the air (of course), it's a part of modern anthropology study, it's on the local library shelves, it's a central part of classes and tours.